Instrument Repair and Appraisal Photos

To schedule an appointment with Henry for repair or appraisal, please send an email with your phone number and photos of the instrument.

The most helpful images to receive are the front, back and scroll of the instrument and the frog and tip of a bow (not the whole bow).  Submit any additional images you think would be helpful, such as the f-holes, label, an engraving or stamp, or specific instrument damage. See below for examples of photos.

Send photos by email to Please send photos “as attachment” rather than as part of the body of the email. You can also send a link to the photos if you use Google Photos. Be sure to include your phone number. Henry will reply and schedule a time to meet if necessary.

Photos like this do not have enough detail.

Please take multiple close up clear photos on a white or light background, such as a table cloth, with good lighting. Examples below.