To last a lifetime, a fine instrument needs periodic maintenance and occasional repairs.  Especially for students who are first learning to play, an instrument in good repair can make all the difference in the enjoyment of learning.

At Henry Bischofberger Violins, through examining and listening to your instrument, Henry can determine if it needs maintenance before any issues become serious.  When it comes to maintenance and repairs, the sooner an irregularity is identified and taken care of, the better it is for the life of the instrument.

With Henry’s expertise, experience, and fully equipped repair shop, he can skillfully repair and maintain your violin, viola, cello, bass or bow.

If you have an instrument in need of complete restoration, Henry would be happy to look at it and discuss its needs with you.  Some instruments are worth restoring and others may not be.  He will give you an honest assessment before beginning your project.

Customer Feedback . . .

"Henry and his staff have impressed me again and again! We have been renting instruments from them for about 4 years and was ready to purchase a full-size instrument last year. Bischofberger gifted the instrument to us due to our long history as customers. Now my husband's cello needs repairs and we are not surprised to find that Henry is honorable and skilled in handling our needs. He also continues to provide free upkeep on the instrument we now own. They have our loyalty!" - T. Clawson