Verbal or Written Appraisals:

If you are curious about the value of your violin, viola, cello, bass or bow, feel free to bring your instrument in for a complimentary verbal appraisal.

If you need papers for insurance or a written appraisal the cost is based on the value of the instrument.

With many years experience in appraising, Henry can give an educated and informed valuation of your instrument or bow.

To schedule a visit with Henry, please send photos by email to Please read: Taking Instrument Photos. Include your phone number in the email.

Customer Feedback . . .

"Henry and his team welcomed me, a totally new customer, with a welcoming manner, care, and respect. Some special circumstances arose with my instrument and rental needs. Both sets of circumstances were addressed with understanding and a "we got you covered" sensibility. I'm glad I found this shop and grateful for the work!" - N. Anton