Verbal or Written Appraisals:

If you are curious about the value of your violin, viola, cello, bass or bow, feel free to bring your instrument in for a complimentary verbal appraisal.

If you need papers for insurance or a written appraisal the cost is based on the value of the instrument.

With many years experience in appraising, Henry can give an educated and informed valuation of your instrument or bow.

Customer Feedback . . .

"Just have to take a moment that is filled with gratitude for the wonderful generosity you all have given to the RHMS/Elementary string programs.I could not do my job without you! As the weather turned, your instruments were a joy to tune as I prepared 77 students for Friday morning class. I smiled with each instrument and sent you energy. Oh so grateful! I am proud knowing that your rental families are investing money in an instrument that sets their musician up for success." - Janet Miller, RHMS Orchestra Teacher