Instrument and Bow Sales

Henry Bischofberger Violins has a wide selection of fine stringed instruments and bows.  Henry says, “When I acquire instruments to sell in my shop, I demand the utmost quality, and the dealers I have used for the past 35 years are still serving me with quality in mind.”

After an instrument reaches the shop, Henry personally take time to check all parts for quality and workmanship, and adjusts each instrument before putting it out for sale.  Bow makers also know he will only take the best to sell in his shop.

Henry’s customers have come back for all these years because of the quality of workmanship, customer service and continued support.

Before purchasing an instrument or bow, Henry Bischofberger Violins’ trial program allows customers to take instruments and bows out to play them at home and for their teachers.

The shop also carries a variety of strings, rosins, music stands, and other accessories for the musician.

Customer Feedback . . .

"Like a dream come true! A world-class violin expert out here on the Eastside. Henry is incredibly helpful but not clingy. Super knowledgeable and a real luthier. He can do everything from put on fine tuners to build a period-perfect violin. Old school in a good way. Just visiting the place is a joy because it's homey, yet thoroughly professional. I am delighted for any excuse I have to go there." - T. Campbell