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Repair, Appraisal, Bow Rehair: If you need work on an instrument rented or purchased elsewhere, schedule an appointment under the Blue Repair/Appraisal section below. Or you can Email detailed photos to Henry instead of coming to the shop. Be sure to include your phone number! Unfortunately at this time Henry is not taking in Bows for Rehair.

We have all Violin, Viola, Cello, rental instrument sizes in stock, no wait time. You will go home with your instrument on the first visit, no second appointment necessary!

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Customer Feedback:

"It was a pleasure meeting Mr. Bischofberger. He took the time to discuss my concerns about the 2 violins and cello that I brought in and handled my family instruments with care, going above and beyond. He even shared a look at his copy of The Violin Makers of the United States book with me showing both of our grandfathers listed. Pretty neat to actually meet someone who had met my grandfather way-back-when! Grandpa's first cello is now back in playing condition and will be making music again! Thank you so much Henry!" - S. Brockway