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Repair, Appraisal: If you need an appraisal or work on an instrument or bow purchased elsewhere, Email Henry for an appointment. Please include pictures of your instrument and bow and your phone number. Please read instructions for taking photos here.

For Repair of Instruments Purchased at our shop, choose the Green “Rental Instrument: Repair/Adjust” option below.

Customer Feedback:

"We have been customers of Henry Bischofberger Violins for a few years now, first with renting a range of instruments, and now in care of our first owned instrument. We have visited all of the strings and luthier shops in the Seattle area, but I have come to trust this shop over others because of the high quality of their instruments and service. We found better sound from this shop's rentals, and I have appreciated being able to easily communicate directly with the luthier, Henry, when we have questions." - S. Chan