Students need Quality Instruments

“Why rent when I can buy a violin online for less than $100?”  Please beware of renting cheap violins. These are instruments teachers commonly refer to as a “VSO” or Violin Shaped Object! They look shiny, and have well written descriptions, but they do not work, will not stay in tune, have parts that easily break, hurt to play, and of course sound really bad.

Students need a high quality instrument in order to give them the best chance of success. We see over and over students who quit playing because their instrument will not stay in tune, hurts to play and sounds bad no matter how hard they try to do it right.  Teachers also spend a lot of time trying to tune and adjust bad instruments when they should be spending their time teaching students.

We recommend renting from a reputable violin shop rather than a general music store or online.  When you rent from a violin shop you get high quality workmanship and materials. You also get a highly trained violin maker who can make adjustments as needed to support the student and teacher. Also, your 9 month rental credit will go toward a beautiful next level instrument when the student is ready to move to a more intermediate playing level. 

In our shop 9 months of rental credit goes toward the purchase of a beautiful next level instrument when the student is ready to move up to a full size. We have a wonderful supply of instruments for sale.

Please Schedule an Appointment to visit the shop and take an instrument home!