Orchestra at home?

We have asked several School Orchestra teachers what they recommend for students who are staying home during the COVID19 quarantine.

Here are some recommended websites and YouTube Channels for lessons on various techniques including Fiddle.

1) MusicTheory.net: Music theory lessons online. Free and also paid subscriptions.

2) Build a Major Scale: Interactive scale building exercise online. Free.

3) Printable Scales: Print out 1 – 3 octave scales for violin. Free.

4) Most concert venues have converted their concerts to Free Live Streaming! See a current list HERE.

5) YouTube Channel: Violin Masterclass

6) YouTube Channel: Violin Lab

7) YouTube Channel: Nate’s Violin

8) YouTube Channel: Professor V

9) YouTube Channel: Alison Sparrow

10) Suzuki Cello Book 1 Playlist – YouTube channel for beginning cellists.

11) Suzuki Violin Book I Playlist – YouTube channel for beginning violinists.

11) It is a very good idea to get a private teacher while the students are home! To find a teacher who teaches online or remote, click Find a Teacher and choose “Remote”.

Please include your recommendations in the comments!